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SEO Success: “Position 44th to 1st”.

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It’s 2018, we start developing a Search Engine Optimisation campaign with Target Trees. Firstly, our job is to identify key areas of structural website improvements. Secondly, developing a strategy for onsite & offsite link building with a key focus on improving content.

This campaign saw our keyword research analysis dictating our direction of optimisation. It’s clear which search terms (keywords) are high in volume and most importantly, are most likely to provide a sale or contact. Conclusively, we start optimising targettrees.com for the search terms “tree surgeon Norwich”& “tree surgeon Norfolk”.

Within 6 short months, this campaign saw a rise from page 44th to 1st in Google’s search rankings.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization is a marketing strategy to get a higher position for a website on Google. Furthermore, in order to achieve SEO, it’s important to understand how search engines work.

For instance, Google will rank a website by indexing their pages focusing on keywords and content. For example, in our case “SEO agency in Norwich” are keywords we optimise for – because that’s what we do.

By structuring a website to contain these keywords with related content, Google indexes this website higher for the search term.

The next step is creating external links to the website from one Google trusts. This is known as backlink building.

Being Top 10 in Search Results – Is SEO Worth It?

A noteworthy statistic is, the top 5 positions on Google receive 67% of all clicks. The remaining 33% tend to be shared among the lower 5 positions on the first page.

From the second page onwards, the chances to be found for a specific search term are slim to none. Being on the first page is highly important for a business to be found.

Understanding what a customer searches for is key to optimising a website.