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    Terms & Condtions

    Refer-A-Friend Program

    Terms & Conditions

    Dated: June 2020

    The refer-a-friend promotion is a £100 reward to be sent to a referrer (existing customer) and after the referee (the friend), has successfully purchased a 6 month SEO contract or website re-design service which resulted from a successful referral. For a definition of ‘successful’, please keep reading.

    This offer is available to customers who 6 month SEO contract or website plan, between 10/06/2020 and 31/09/2020.

    The Reward

    On successful completion, existing customers (referrers) will be contacted within 30 days on receiving the £100 cash prize, by Webbage. This reward can be received via bank transfer or taken off your next bill.

    Qualification for the Reward (Referrers)

    A ‘successful referral’ is a referral that results in the sale of a Webbage provided 6 month SEO contract or website re-design purchase to a referee. First instalment must be received by the referee to qualify for the reward.

    General terms and conditions

    There is no limit to the number of referrals that can be made by an individual referrer.

    Referrals can be sent to potential referrers by any form of marketing existing customer chooses. They can also be generated and sent to a referee (friend) on completion of our online form by the referrer:

    The referrer and the referee (friend) can’t be the same person. Where we identify they are the same person, for example by email address, phone number, or policyholder name, the offer will be void.

    Amends to the reward scheme

    Webbage reserves the right to withdraw this offer if, in our judgement, the offer is being abused. Webbage also reserves the right to change or amend the reward and the structure of the offer at any time. Any decision made by Webbage with regards to this offer is final.