What is SEO & how does it work?

SEO company infographic in Norwich Firstly, SEO is not rocket science, it’s a simple strategy. When trying to find content online, a user will typically visit a search engine such as Google and begin typing specific words (known as keywords) or collective words are known as search terms, in the hope that the search engine will deliver a set of optional websites that contain the exact information that is best related to their search terms. The most relevant information will then display in under three seconds, but how?

Studies show that searchers do not tend to browse past the second page. If you want people to find your website then it ideally needs be in the first page of Google results.

SEO is an ever-increasing need for your online businesses, whether you are selling a product or a service.

Search engine optimisation can be an extremely cost-effective way to increase your online revenue stream. To achieve higher SERP’s (search engine ranking position), every aspect of a website has to be analysed and optimised for an increased chance of appearing highly in Google’s search engine.

In short, increasing your search engine ranking position requires an SEO strategy.

Before SEO strategies can begin, it’s important to understand how a search engine works.

What are Search Engines?

A Search Engine is a catalogue of over 4.2 billion website pages. Search query results are shown based on the most relevant website to the keywords entered. Search query results are ranked by the most relevant website pages matching the search query keywords. To be efficient, they display the web pages with the most relevancy up to 300,000,000 results. An algorithm is in use to do this. Ultimately, if your website is higher up the list it will see more visits. There are three types of search engines where SEO is effective:

  • Automatic Search Engines mainly Google
  • Directory Search Engines such as Yell
  • Pay Per Click Search such as Google AdWords or Facebook advertising.

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How can SEO impact my Google ranking?

Let’s use the figure earlier of 4.2 billion web pages on Google. How many of these web pages contain keywords of the same information, services or products? What are the chances that a particular webpage is to display in the top results? Voila! – Enter search engine optimisation, increasing the chances dramatically of your business showing on the first page. How often does someone really search online past a few pages in the SERP’s?

Out of millions of hits in some cases, potential customers expect the highest quality results on the first page. Nobody wants to trawl through pages to potentially find you, they want their information fast and precise.

Every year it is growing increasingly important to have your website noticed, therefore SEO marketing is what business owners turn to. By using SEO, a website will never be hidden in the billions of web pages but in the top results. Being in the top results means a higher chance of the customer finding you.

There are multiple other ways to promote your products or service without using SEO, but are they cost-effective? Here’s another figure – 60% of all traffic on websites come from those who are found on the first page of Google. That’s where a business needs to be.

What is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?

SEO, in a nutshell, is helping websites get found in keyword searches. Without experience, it complicates, timely and intensive to achieve a result. Furthermore, structure your pages to be search engine friendly, don’t waste more time. Therefore, SEO will be the tool to speak to a search engine so it has knowledge of what the website talks about.

Mainly, search engine optimisation is increasing the likelihood of visibility on Google using keywords most relatable to your business and target audience. Consequently, manipulating your website the search engine will index it as highly relevant for those keywords or search phrases. Higher relevancy means higher SERP’s. Without a doubt, SEO will increase visibility and promote your business website every second, every hour, every day.

What are the benefits of SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation will provide the ability to stay ahead of competitors in the search rankings.

  • Higher search rank position (first pages of Google)
  • Blow away the competition
  • Quick, trackable return on investment
  • Analyse and increase target audience traffic
  • Increase visibility means to increase profits
  • Low lead generation costs
  • Strategically compete against larger competitors
  • Never ending visibility
  • Data gathering for future advertising
  • Most cost-effective marketing strategy on the internet.

What are effective SEO techniques?

Many SEO companies will advertise smoke and mirrors to achieve higher search engine rankings. Here is a breakdown of exactly how a reputable SEO company will boost your website.

Not all SEO companies use the same strategy to achieve results (some never deliver – which is criminal!). However, search engine optimisation is achievable – at what speed and cost are solely down to experience.

Is my website structure SEO friendly?

The word “SEO Friendly” website is a rather stupid term. Only from the start, is a website search engine friendly if it has been built with search engine optimisation in mind.

For your website to be found, keyword optimise all aspects of the text, images and videos so Google discovers it in order for the search engine to display them. Simply, if your website sells shoes for women, then your site needs to be structured with relevant keywords so they can find it online. Your best traffic will come from search engine optimisation.

Using targeted keywords in your website

Only certain SEO keywords will work for your website. They can be phrases, topics or words your target audience will use in the search engine bar. Today, more customers are using long-tailed keywords to effectively narrow their search, to display more relevant results. A good SEO company will investigate the best achievable keywords for your website. Indeed, these will be relevant to what you sell or advertise, phrases or words potential customers are likely to use. In conclusion, an SEO company will understand the concept of the business with its target market. Unquestionably, it’s appealing to who is most likely to purchase the product or service.

Off-site methods of Search Engine Optimisation

SEO companies will help get your website search engine optimised, so it stays that way. Achieving this effectively can be done with the following methods:

  • Article marketing
  • Blogging
  • Press Releases
  • Video advertising
  • Google advertising

As with anything SEO, optimise to include keywords to appears in SERP’s. In the case of Google advertising (pay per click), will show a link to who is most likely to have interest in what you’re offering. Without a doubt, the mixture of these methods when done correctly will achieve results. Those who understand how to use SEO, are more likely to appear in the first page of Google.