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Do I Need A Website?

Yes, getting your business is online is the first step growing your business. The biggest misconception is how you use your website to grow your business.

A website should be seen as a tool and when used efficiently can be the life and soul of your budding business.

Webbage does not just create websites, we create an efficient effective tool that can take your business to higher levels of possibilities.

Representing Your Business 24/7

Your website is an extension of your business and can be found anytime, anywhere and by anyone. Much like a business card, you may need to promote it at first, but ideally, in the long run, you want natural traffic looking for you.

That’s the beauty of web developing – the more you put in, the less you will need to do in the long term. The time to start is now.

Not only should your online presence generate more traffic to your business, but it should also deal with your potential customers effectively. Drive these customers to engage with you in some way. Now you have newfound customers knocking at your door, what do you want them to do?

Every Visitor Is An Opportunity

It’s not 1985 anymore, businesses now have a huge advantage when it comes to a customer knocking on your virtual front door. Now they’ve arrived, we do not want them to leave empty-handed.

A visitor to your website is an opportunity for you to add value to their lives. This can happen in a few ways including:

Engaging in conversation

If you do not have a website or a store, this is the oldest and most trustworthy form of contact. What a website excels in engagement can boost your efficiency.

Increased knowledge

Before a visitor leaves, we want them to go away with the added value of knowledge. This can be achieved by information on:

  • a product or service
  • your industry
  • your company

Purchase a product or service

Ideally, we want every customer who visits to purchase something. Research shows 98% of consumer do not purchase an item on their initial visit. This is not to say they won’t come back.

Let’s face it, if we shop on the high street 98% of the time we are just browsing. The other 2% of the time we have done our research to narrow down where we shop. Potential customers also do the same.

Visitors will come back if you can offer added value. Ensure you state clear points that will help your visitor with their buying decision. Are you offering free shipping, a free consultation, do you currently have a limited time offer?