“Building A Foundation Website”. An efficient website with clear functionality.

Target Trees wanted a balance of efficient functionality, increased engagement and a custom appearance on their website development. We devised a strategy to achieve their goal.


“Position 44th to 1st”.

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In 2018, we developed a Search Engine Optimisation campaign with Target Trees. We first identified key areas of structural website improvements. We further developed a strategy for onsite & offsite link building with a key focus on improving content.

The campaign saw our keyword research analysis dictate our direction of optimisation. It was clear which search terms (keywords) were high in volume and most importantly, were most likely to provide a sale or contact. We concentrated on optimising targettrees.com for the search terms “tree surgeon Norwich”& “tree surgeon Norfolk”.

Within 6 short months, we took targettrees.com from page 4 position 4 (44th) to page 1 position 1 (1st) for both of these terms.

every website is unique

A website should be as unique as the business it represents. At Webbage, we take the time to get to know what makes your business tick. This way we can build a website based around you, your business and your customers.