Keep your website fresh with new high-quality content

Most websites today have blogs that are connected to them. These blogs are the easiest way to update the site so that it stays current in the search engines.

The search engines are not only looking for just keyword related content when they send out their search engine bots for search engine ranking, but also constant content. The content on your website should not get stale. This can end up costing your ranking in the search engines and also end up costing you traffic.

If you have a website that has been carefully constructed and want to make sure that it is updated without having to re-do the website all of the time, the best way to do so is to use a blog.

WordPress websites are a fantastic way of starting your own blog, something a search engine optimization developer can help you with. Webbage, an SEO company in Norwich has extensive knowledge of WordPress.

How can SEO be introduced into blogs?

Once you have created a blog, you can then use SEO rich content to put in the blog on a daily basis. Blogs are different than articles in writing style, formality and information.

Blogs can be written in the first-person style. Many blogs are written as narrative prose rather than informative third-person writing. You can alternate between styles if you so choose to get the information into your blogs.

By changing your blog on a daily basis, you can keep your website up to date. This will continue to keep it ranking high. You will also be adding internal links that will boost it in the search engines as well.

Blog writing is very simple and can be accomplished in a few short lines. You do not have to use very long blogs to get your point across. All of your blogs, however, should be relevant to your website.

Adding links into your blog

There are two forms of link building:

  • internal links – hyperlinks navigating within your website
  • external links – hyperlinks navigating (backlinks) to and from your website

Adding internal links into your blogs to give structure and relevance to your posts. This allows a visitor to navigate a website with ease.

Links to your blog from another website (e.g news, article hub, an influencer), will give your website a higher score in Google’s algorithm.

The more high-quality content and links that you continue to distribute throughout the internet, the higher your site will rank in the search engines.

It is extremely important that you continue to keep your website updated when you are using SEO and marketing concepts to try to make sure that your site does not get lost amid the many in the search engines. Blogs are an informal and fun way that you can keep your website updated and ranking high in the search engines.

every website is unique

A website should be as unique as the business it represents. At Webbage, we take the time to get to know what makes your business tick. This way we can build a website based around you, your business and your customers.