Here is an interesting statistic that will make you question the reason that you have a website.

The top 5 ranking positions on a google search get 67% of the clicks!

The remaining 33% of clicks are generally distributed on the bottom 5 positions of page 1?

Users rarely go past the 1st page to locate the information, product or service that they require (depending on the popularity of the search term).

This could mean that if you are not on the first page for these key terms, then you could run the risk of your website being completely unseen.

Understanding what search terms your customers are using to find you is a big step forward

What search terms (keywords) are being used to find the products or services that you offer?

I have met an array of clients that have requested my help and upon the initial meeting, we discuss a basic understanding of possible search behaviours and keywords that might be used to find their business.

An example of a very typical dialogue at such a meeting goes something like this;

Me: “How do you think that your business is currently being found online”?

Client: We come up in Google for “Cheap Gas Plumbers in Morston Norfolk”!

Me: “Ok, that is great, but what search volume do you think there is for the term “Cheap Gas Plumbers in Morston Norfolk”?

Client: “Ohhh I would think that this would be very popular, wouldn’t you?”.

Me: “Being absolutely honest with you, no!”

I can already tell that this search term is far too specific (long-tail) and a niche term. My prediction is that the search volume would be very low if not zero.

I am not implying that this search term should not be optimised for. Geographical search terms, that are niche, most definitely have their place even when the search volume is very low.

The more niche or specific the search term, the lower the competition because the search volume will be lower.

The broader or generic the search term, the higher the competition because the search volume will be higher.

Example: Cheap Gas Plumbers in Morston Norfolk and Plumbers in Norfolk will yield a completely different level of competition. Cheap Gas Plumbers in Morston Norfolk is very specific and Plumbers in Norfolk in very generic.

My advice would be to utilise long-tail/niche search terms but such terms will most likely not bring you many leads even if you are positioned higher for them.

Understanding what search terms your customers are using to find you is a big step forward

What I want to establish before planning any SEO campaign are the search terms that have high search volume (the money terms). This is called keyword research.

By conducting keyword research, I can be very clear on the search terms that I am best to optimise my website for.

I can now confidently dismiss any assumptive or second-guessing search terms.

Trust me when I say that this is imperative information to learn and this will be crucial to help you decide on the changes to make on your website.

5 simple steps to choosing the best search terms to optimise your website for

Ubbersuggest Keyword & Analysis Tool

  1. To understand the volume of search terms that people are using to find your business. You will need some inside information from Google.
  2. You can find this by going to Neil Patel’s Free Ubbersuggest tool and typing in a generic search term that you feel your customers might be using to find your business.
  3. As a result, you will find an orderable list of keywords with relating search volume.
  4. It should be understood what search terms your customers are using to find you.
  5. Now try a Google search using those terms to see where you are positioned.

You have now identified:

  1. The search terms your customers are using to find you.
    (no more second-guessing what your customers are typing to find you).
  2. The volume (amount) of searches per month that those terms possess.
  3. Your competition and how you rank in comparison to them.

Your search engine ranking position can be improved with a structured & strategic SEO campaign.

Are you ranking in the top 5 positions in Google?

Once you take the actions above, you must now decide on what actions to take next.

I use these exact methods and tools daily, to understand and plan our client’s SEO campaign.

You would be wise to look carefully at your competition and analyse their current rankings.

SEO does not need to be “smoke and mirrors” and “false promises”.

SEO should be a strategic and logical planning process, based around 2 main principles.

  1. Relevance: Producing high-quality information/content about your business.
  2. Authority: Other websites linking to your content.

I welcome you to get in touch with us to see how we can help you.