Why are long-tail keywords important?

Things have changed dramatically since the inception of the internet in that there are millions upon millions of websites for just about any type of product or service. Needless to say, it makes it all the more difficult for those who are looking for what we have to sell to find you in the search engines.

Many people who are searching for something online realize this as well. They know not to put in a keyword such as “shoes” into the search engine search bar because they will get millions of results pages. They know that they have to narrow down their search by typing in a phrase into the search engine.

Phrases can be considered long-tail keywords. Long-tail keywords are those that are more of a direct phrase that can be used in your online marketing and will pop up in the search engines for those who are using that particular phrase to search for something online.

Using long-tail keywords in Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

In order to use long-tailed keywords effectively in SEO, we have to have an idea of how those who are most likely to want to buy a product will search for it online. What type of words will they use in their search?

A simple way to find this out is through keyword research or we can figure it out for ourselves. Checking to make sure that the long-tail keywords that you are planning to use for your articles are what others are more than likely use. Therefore, when they are performing a search online for products or services there is a higher chance of reaching your website.

Ensure usage of short keywords in your SEO as this will also be picked up by the search engines. However, as the internet continues to grow, you can no longer ignore the advantages of using long-tail keywords have over you.

The long-tail keywords can have some words that are not picked up by the search engines in the title and text so that they make sense. For example, if you are using high heeled shoes in Denver as your long-tailed keyword, “high heeled shoes Denver” would be the keyword. The “in” to make the phrase more grammar conscious, does not interfere with the search.

Long-tail vs short keywords

Long-tail keywords can make a big difference when trying to get a website noticed online. You should incorporate the long tail keyword just as you would a regular keyword into your text as well as any other SEO that you do for your site.

You will find that you get much better results by using long-tail keywords for marketing than you would with solely short keywords used for marketing.

Those who do hit on your site when using a long tail keyword search will be more likely to be looking for exactly what you are selling than those who randomly land on the site using shorter keywords.

If you are having trouble researching keywords, hire a reputable search engine optimization agency. Webbage, an SEO company in Norwich uses expert strategies to identify keywords.

Misspelt words in SEO, are they useful?

You should also be sure that you understand that spelling is often a problem when it comes to some keywords.

The more keywords that you have in your article, the more of a chance that someone has to misspell the keywords. We know it happens on a regular basis, so use these misspellings in articles.

every website is unique

A website should be as unique as the business it represents. At Webbage, we take the time to get to know what makes your business tick. This way we can build a website based around you, your business and your customers.