Here are our top tips for better traffic to your tree surgeon website.

No sales talk! No bullsh*t pitch!

A high proportion of tree surgeons for some reason forget about their websites. The majority would rather use old tactics, such as leaflet dropping or their phone number on a van.

If that works for you, then that’s great!

But with the current COVID-19 crisis, I’m guessing you wish you could be found online right now.

I am going to talk about just 4 of our tree surgeon websites, all with very different purposes. They’re completely custom, with targeted content we write ourselves.

Some of the problems we hear from Tree Surgeons are:

  • My website is a waste of money,
  • Not getting enough customers in their area,
  • Cannot get new customers in a wider area,
  • Have signed up to Yell websites and not seeing a return on their money,
  • Are sick of hearing from SEO agencies with false promises.

Why tree surgeon websites don’t get found

Let’s face it, a basic website is not that hard to build. There’s an abundance of free options out there, like Wix. What 98% of all websites lack though is good relevant content! Content is king!

So, why is this? Well, it’s because Google doesn’t rank a website higher for its appearance, but only for your content. Therefore, if you want more traffic to your website, we need to create highly relevant content.

You can see this yourself. Just type “Tree Surgeon” + any location e.g tree surgeon Middlesbrough – look at the straight to the point content.

As a potential customer, are you really going to go past the first page? Statistics show 67% of searchers will only click the top 5 results.

Sounds very much like SEO, I get 1000 emails a day about it.

SEO has such a bad reputation – everyone deletes anything to do with it from their emails. And I agree, 99% of these emails are complete junk.

And you should delete their emails!

Don’t waste your time with someone who doesn’t understand what you do, or who you do it for. Instead, I am going to show you what we do for our tree surgeons.

Looking for a tree surgeon online is competitive

In 2018, we began work with Ian Flatters of Target Trees, an expert tree surgeon in Norwich. They took a massive chance with us, as at the time we had not worked with any tree surgeon. Up until that point we had only worked with online shops on development and marketing.

Within 6 months we had taken them from 44th to 1st on Google for “tree surgeon Norwich” – the local search term.

Fast forward to today, we are working on multiple search terms for them. And it’s not been easy!

We have seen massive dips in rank because of changes from Google. More than once! And this year, it’s been a challenge.

This is their rank for “tree surgeon Norwich” this year. As you can see we have had a dip. From 1st to now 6th.

Target Trees SEO Norwich

1st position is never guaranteed

This shows how competitive the tree surgeon market is. And why anyone selling you guarantees for a top position should be avoided. The goal is the first five positions of Google as this reaps the most reward.

This is just one out of a dozen search terms we are currently ranking for Target Trees. Due to the scale of their business, we are having to focus on terms with further growth, such as BS5837 tree surveys and mortgage report.

The more search terms, the more confusing for Google to find you. Luckily, despite this dip, we are still seeing them being found for multiple enquiries – and yes, we will get them back on top.

The point of this is, a website is never finished. There are always things that can be added.


Get more traffic from your home town

Late 2019, Myers Tree Care became our 2nd tree surgeon.

We built them a brand new website and inherited all the content that was there. Unfortunately, most of the site was set up for Manchester – which is not ideal for a Stockport based business.

On checking, we found there were more people around the Stockport area looking for a Tree Surgeon, than in Manchester. 450 people a month were looking for a tree surgeon here.

For this reason, we had to change update his content for more tree surgeon related term in Stockport and Marple.

Myers Tree Care SEO Norwich

Top tips for being found in your area

Even if you want business from other locations, your content must match up with your address first.

For instance, slapping in tonnes of locations on your website is going to confuse Google. Try sticking to 1-3 locations to start with:

  1. Google wants to see is “Tree Surgeon” + “Your Location” on the home page,
  2. Don’t keyword stuff –  mentioning “Tree Surgeon Near Me” is not going to do more harm than good.
  3. Make sure there is a search demand for your area – for example, Marple is a village near Stockport with no search demand. It won’t harm to mention both in your content due to their distance.

This small change has really paid off for Myers Tree Care in the past few months.

How to rank for more than one location

Last year we started working with Tom Rennison of Treescape, a previous Yell customer.

He was not happy with Yell for several reasons, but the main issue was they promised results he was just not getting. His home town of “Tree Surgeon Northallerton” had a search volume of 10 a month. Which was just not going to bring him any volume of traffic.

Tom, wants to rank higher for Middlesbrough, Darlington and surrounding areas.

By building a new faster website and adding content related to these 3 locations, we started to see him rank relatively quickly:

  • 1st for Tree Surgeon Northallerton
  • 5th for Tree Surgeon Darlington
  • 5th for tree surgeon Middlesbrough

Adding these locations, even though they were up to 20 miles away means he is seeing an increase of up to 150 for just these two search terms.

On top of that, he is also ranking 2nd for Treescape (a popular business name).

Tree Scape North SEO Norwich

Even a basic website will do the job

Take a look at Tom Pugh Tree Services, another Tree surgeon sceptical about the power of content.

We did not build his website, but with some decent content, he is now at the top for some cracking Tree Surgeon areas. His Facebook messenger addition is also a great “Live Chat” feature.

Tom, has been with us for less than 6 months, and has seen a huge increase from his previous traffic. You can see below he is getting 80 people a month coming to him from Google just with these few keywords.

I’m a tree surgeon, not a marketing guru

The best thing about all of this is, you don’t need to be! We have evidence to say that Google loves simple, to the point, organic content written to inform – not to sell.

Most of the content we have written for our tree surgeons have come from us. We’ve researched a whole array of tree surgeon services just so we can write about them organically.

Are you telling me we know more about tree surgery than you? Absolutely not!

The biggest problem is, the information and experience you have in your head should be online and it’s not.

There are a few things you can do from now to be found easier. Just simply post on your website:

  1. What work you are doing
  2. Where you are working
  3. How that made your customer feel
  4. A nice image (before and after)

It’s amazing how keeping a simple blog can keep your site fresh with relevant content you can use. And a great way to get reviews!

If you don’t have blogging access, then speak your web developer.

Have a coffee and a chat!

If you are really serious about wanting to gain more customers in your area then feel free to chat with us. Currently, we are extremely busy further developing Mowers 2 Go who are seeing a huge demand for Garden Machinery.

But you can call us on 07944 915 758, or drop us an email.

For those of you who are working outside where possible, stay safe!

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    Why should I use Webbage?

    A website should be as unique as the business it represents. At Webbage, we take the time to get to know what makes your business tick. This way we can build a website or marketing plan based around you, your business and your customers.

    Just a team of two we are more hands on with our clients. No call centre, no account manager, just good old fashioned one to one services.

    Eagles Arb

    Eagles Arboriculture

    Tree Surgeon – Rugby, Warwickshire

    Marc Eagles is our newest tree surgeon. We have recently redeveloped his website and we are now working on relevant content to get him higher in search.

    Treescape Professional Tree Care

    Tree Surgeon – Northalleton, North Yorkshire

    Tom Rennison is a tree surgeon we work within the North East. His new website built by us is delivering, and being found for multiple locations including Darlington & Middlesbrough.

    Tree Scape North SEO Norwich-1

    Myers Tree Care

    Tree Surgeon in Cheshire – Stockport, Manchester

    Myers Tree Care with over 20 years of experience in the tree surgeon industry, have built a reputation as one of the most respected commercial tree surgeons in the north-west of England. With an SEO optimised website, they are now in the first two pages of Google for keyword terms.

    Target Trees

    Tree Surgeons in Norfolk – Norwich

    A tree surgeon company committed to providing Norfolk’s most accessible, affordable and responsible arboreal services, working with public and trade customers alike. Our SEO strategy turn their search rank from page 6 to position 1.